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He was always alone, no one by his side, broken dreams scattered at his feet. He stands alone. Accompanied by his shallow heart and his useless hope. But he still stands alone. Check his vital signs, nope. Still alive, just walking alone. His shadows his friends, no heart beat, no one looking to find him, so he lives alone. This empty street when the city's asleep, no ones hears his cries, wishing he was someone else, to hol his hand. The people sleep awake, oblivious to his crumbling faith. Why can no one see his hate, building bricks, he's a slave. Its home to him, trudging on the white line, he defies him somewhere in his mind. This was Russia...not the grown country russia, the barely making it through life russia. The beginning, attempt followed by fail, people stay away, pretending not to see.

He was 15, snowed covered woods and dark clouds that crackled with the warning of thunder and lightning surrounded him at every angle. He was truly and eternally alone in this wilderness, thoughts hidden and twisted like a puzzle. Sometimes he just wanted to lay back and watch himself die, and wallow in his dispair. He smiled, "smiling makes it better. Cause at the end, if you can smile, you know you can fix it." Thats what his sister Ukraine said before she trekked off into the world and died. No ones heard from her since he was 8. Belarus hasnt been seen for...he could barely remember her face. Her pretty little face, she couldve been strong, but he was sure she was long ago gone now.


You were a new country at the time, called ( c\n) . You didnt know anyone near you, nor did you exactly want to...You were stand offish. It seemed the only thing that had gotten you over obstacles and passed curve balls was your good looks and witty choices. Looking at the sky you saw almost black rolling clouds, the scent of rain was thick in the air and brisk winds lashed at your face. "I've risked all my goods, my life and my dreams for this." Thise were the exact words she had said to china when they almost took over. " I cant get those back, or nor will I bow down to a ruler. I make the rules here, and you'll have to kill me to get my country." She drew her sword at china's neck, he nodded. That memory stuck in to her mind like chiselled rock. But now her countries poor, its only got few people in it. Poverty's intense, the harsh conditions. She thought about what Austria had suggested at the last world meeting " Team up with someone, like me and Hungary. That way you wont starve to death.." The he glared at me. (y\n) sighed, its worth a try..

"Who's that? I glanced around the world meeting table, a few months had passed and I had successfully made one friend. Poland, out of all he people!

" Thats England, that's Germany, thats-"

"Italy," I replied. I rubbed my temples, so many countries, there's just so many names. Poland nodded and smiled, Poland really liked to try and fit into the popular group. This had always amused (y\n), he wasnt socially awkward or anything just...made a fool.

" You'll do fine, and your already wearing your hipster hat I got you! You'll make all the countries jealous. " He smiled, damn. Why did Poland have to act so brotherly. She wasnt complaining or anything, she kind of like having a brotherly figure but he always called her cute! Which she liked to think of her self as more of a bombshell type of country, shocking, cunning, precise. Makes all the right moves, very unpredictable.

Soon everyone began to stumbl into their seats to begin the meeting, a creepy blonde guy with bushy eyebrows sat next to her, " uhh, Pollie..who's that?" you gestured to the brit with your elbow. Then he began to murmur tohim self, and stroked the air as if he was petting some imaginary animal...(y\n) face went blank. "ew." She turned to Poland to chat.

"Aha, thats Britain, he's...specail." He made an I dont know gen=sture with his shoulders. Someone tapped his shoulders and he turned around, she tried tolisten in on the conversation he was having with a dark brown haired Italian. But couldnt make out their words due to their thick accents mingled together. So she got up to talk to some other countries.

NOBODY wwas taking notice to her except for this one blonde kid with a polar bear, but she saccidentally scared him a away when she said she was a black This was going to be great! (sarcasm) Someone tapped on her shoulder and she wipped around at the sudden feeling. Oh...its Italy..
" Hey there! I've a never seen yo here before at the meeting!"
"Oh, hi..that cause im new-ish.." She rested her pale hands onto her black studded belt and looked down on the brunette.
" Well whats you country called?!" The grin on his face was almost sickening, but refreshing in an odd way.
" And what should I a call you?" His eyes never opened..creepy Italian..
" A disposable teen, a black rainbow!" She giggled a little but it seemed to creep out the country. " im kidding my names (y\n).." She looked down on him.
" o-okay well I can hear Germany calling me.." He walked away oddly..
She felt defeated, never before had she ever felt so embarassed, she wanted to curl up and die, shes just scanned the room for Poland but he was no where to be found, so she went back to her seat. sitting down in it slouching she hummed a Queen song. she mustv'e dozed of because the next thing she remembered was being nudged by a tall figure and fluttering her eyes awake.

Silver hair, sheer violet scarf and a hipster trench coat. He was perfection in her eyes, he just smiled and spoke in a rugged russian accent " wake up before Germany punches you." Jeesh and I thought the Italian was creepy she glared at him, but he glared back. People stared at us, this guy was a fucking creep, from his gorgeous eyes to his rude attitude. To her other side she saw poland with...was that fear in his eyes? While the other countries fought over petty borders and imports and...France tried to fight over italy with germany..and ended up getting beat up by the potato head, I had something else on my mind, Mr. Vodka breath to the right of me.

Poland and (y\n) had a chat while everyone was being toal idiots. " Thats russia. Dont get in his way, trust me."
" Why? He not menacing."
" Because you havent seen his badside."
" who? Mr. commie over hear?" Russia glanced at her, he heard what she said. But he turned his cheek.
" Shut up! Do you have a death wish?!" She felt a strong kick on her shin.
" OW! Son of a bitch!" She turned to this so called "russia". Dont touch me you drunk!" She got inches away from him and glared a storm.

" Watch who your calling a commie, little girl." His voice rugged voice low like a growl. 
" Im not a little girl, Vodka breath." She hissed.
Italy started to scream"NO! Dont hurt her! She may be creepy but she's new!"
Germany smothered Italy face with chloryphorm " What is wrong with you Italyyyy!"
A dark aura swept over the conference table, he began to speak," kolkolkolkolkolkol."
" your a waste of my time." (y\n) stood up and stalked toward the door. " I'll wait in the car Poland," she said frustrated. 
Russia followed (y\n) outside. Every one had a blank expression on their faces, the last five minutes had made them shutter.
The conference ended wih france," Too bad that hot girl has to get poundd to a pulp."
Poland slapped the back of his head.
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